Jump On Flyaways: Calgary to Vancouver Easter Weekend for only $319 (Up to 59% Off)

Jump On Flyaways Calgary to Vancouver Easter Weekend for only $319 (Up to 59 Off)

Jump On Flyaways (GoJumpOn.com) is offering a cheap flight from Calgary to Vancouver for Easter Weekend (March 24-27).

The round-trip flight only costs $319 including taxes! It’s a savings of up to 59% off compared to peak times on other airlines. Hurry, the offer closes on March 21, 2016 so don’t miss out!

The flight is almost a GO. At the time of this post, they’ve already booked 112 seats and only need 13 more seats to make it a go (156 total seats). I booked 3 tickets for my family and am hoping it’s a go.

Here is the schedule:


Let out your wild side and head to the coolest city on the coast. Explore the urban jungle or the natural landscape and dig up some of Vancouver’s treasures. Step up your fashion game on Robson, scarf down some fresh sushi in Gastown or take a nice stroll around the Sea Wall. Whether your game is nature or the city streets, there truly is something for everyone in Van.

Jump On is a Calgary based air service and tour company that has created a unique way for Canadians to access low cost travel. This is achieved by contracting idle aircraft capacity from charter airlines at discounted rates, scheduling convenient weekend charter flights and passing the savings on to consumers. Jumpers reserve a seat with their credit card info and is only charged if the ‘Jumping Point’ is reached (min. number of bookings are reached).

Click here to visit GoJumpon.com for more details or to book the deal.