Tuango Product: $39 for Nespresso machine Compatible Italian coffee capsules by Caffè Ottavo – taxes included (29% off)

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Tuango National Deal of the Day: Tuango Product: $39 for Nespresso machine Compatible Italian coffee capsules by Caffè Ottavo – taxes included (29% off)

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Tuango Product

Your set includes:
Smooth & Refined: Intensity 5
The Sublime blend is made from 100% Arabica coffee beans. These beans originated in Northern Africa and were called the coffee shrub of Arabia but are now widely grown across SE Asia, Africa and South America. Arabica coffee is smooth and refined with an intense aroma including hints of roasted nut and caramel. It has a light to medium body with a medium flavour and strength making it the perfect choice for a smooth ristretto or espresso, without a hint of bitterness.

Strong & Creamy: Intensity 8
This is an intense, full-flavored blend, loved by Southern Italians, Sicilians… and of course Aussies! With flavor strength of 8/10 it is perfectly enjoyed as a bold, invigorating espresso, or with foamed milk for a stunning cappuccino. You will almost feel yourself transported to that special little cafe you discovered in that little Piazza in Rome…

Gran gusto
Velvety & Aromatic: Intensity 7
The Grand Gusto blend is as the name suggests, a robust blend of 70% Arabica beans and 30% Robusta Beans which are grown at a lower altitude and have double the caffeine strength of Arabica beans. This blend gives Grand Gusto its robust and velvety texture and makes it the perfect start to the day. The flavor is full-bodied and aromatic and is perfect with foamed milk as a luxurious caffe latte or cappuccino, or simply as a rich full-bodied espresso.

Here is Caffè Ottavo’s strongest coffee blend. This coffee is 100% robust and is perfect for those who are looking for intense full-bodied coffee with a lasting taste.

Dark & Long: Intensity 9​
Lungo is simply the Italian word for long or stretched. It is coarser ground and designed so your machine can pass more hot water through the coffee at a slower pace, to capture the flavor components that would normally remain un-dissolved. It is perfect to enjoy as a long black coffee with or without a splash of milk.

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