YYC Deals: Calgary to Shanghai, China – $535 Roundtrip Including Taxes | Lowest Price Ever

YYC Deals Calgary to Shanghai, China - $535 Roundtrip Including Taxes Lowest Price Ever

I just saw this incredible flight deal posted over at my friend Chris Myden’s website YYC Deals.

Well folks, Delta is at it again. They’ve been dishing out some pretty nice price drops on flights to Asia this year for Canadians, on various routes through Seattle.

This latest price drop completely obliterates the previous Calgary to Shanghai, China (PVG) price record by over $200 !

It’s not every day that a flight to China will cost you about the same as a flight to Toronto. I know some would say that says something about the high cost of flying within Canada (which is true), but in fairness to WestJet and Air Canada, these Delta prices would be considered absurd even from the largest of U.S. airports.

In fact, at this moment it’s about 35% cheaper to fly to China from Calgary (through Seattle) than if you were to start the same journey in Seattle. Gotta love the logic of airfare pricing models!

Ok, back to the show. The cheap prices look to be available from October 2014 all the way up to April 2015.

Here’s how to find and book these fares…

1. Go to the following Google Flights link…


The prices are in $CAD

2. Look under the ‘More’ menu option and you’ll see a slider that lets you set the Duration of the flight you’re willing to accept.

Slide this slider over to the left, down to ‘Under 20h’. There will be less flight options available, but they’ll be the fastest flights, which look to be the ones with around 3-4 hour layovers in Seattle each way.

3. When you see a price and date combination you like, click on the blue bar.

Now you can pick your exact flights. Scroll down and you should see the Book with Delta button.

When you click this button, you’ll be redirected to the booking page on Delta’s websiteto complete your booking.

If the price changes when you get to Delta’s site, the cheap price has sold out on this date combination, or the deal is in it’s death throes.

This is not an advertised sale, so it’s impossible to say how long it will be around. Typically, I find that Delta’s unadvertised price drops go back up within 24 hours.


These flights won’t last long so I suggest you take advantage of the seat sale before it’s too late.

Click here
to visit YYCDeals.com for more information about this incredible flight deal.

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