Reminder: Tangerine – Earn 3% Interest + Free $50 Double Bonus for New Accounts

Reminder Update: I originally posted about this yesterday. This is a very popular offer! A lot of people have taken advantage of this offer so don’t miss out!

Tangerine (formally ING Direct) is offering 3% interest until November 30, 2014 on new deposits made to your Savings Account between now and September 30, 2014. This is a very good interest rate considering most of the major banks in Canada only offer 0.025% on savings accounts.

Plus, you can earn a free $50 double bonus when you open a Tangerine account using my Orange Key # 40899772S1They featured the same promotion last year and a lot of people took advantage of the offer. This offer and is only valid until October 31, 2014 so don’t miss out! Open a Tangerine Account – any type of Account by October 31, 2014 with a minimum deposit of $100 using my Orange Key and you’ll instantly earn free $50 bonus in your account (2X their regular $25 promo)! That’s an instant 50% return on your investment!

In order to get the free $50 Bonus, you will need to enter my Orange Key “40899772S1” when you open an account. As a reward for referring you, Tangerine will also deposit a $50 bonus into my account for sharing the offer with you. That’s $50 for you, and $50 for me! This is a very good deal because you have nothing to lose. You can always close your account after you get the $50 bonus.

I’ve had a Tangerine/ING Direct bank account for over 10 years and highly recommend it. The best thing about Tangerine is it’s FREE because they don’t charge banking fees and they offer some of the highest interest rates in Canada. According to Tangerine’s website, they have close to 2 million clients in Canada and have paid out over $5 billion in interest!

Click here to open a Tangerine account now or for more information about this promo. Remember to enter my Orange Key 40899772S1 to get your $50 Bonus.

Click here for more details about the 3% Interest offer.