Free Oil Change Coupon to Broken Axle

Thanks kipperfan for posting this deal on CalgaryPuck.

Broken Axle is located in Bridgeland and is a new automotive shop that services most makes and models of cars. They have an coupon in the Bridgeland newsletter offering a “Free Oil Change” for new customers and is valid anytime until October 31, 2010. The coupon can be found on page 16 of the Bridgeland Newsletter.

I have not tried using the coupon and can not confirm it’s authenticity. If you’re interested in this deal, I suggest you try calling them to book an appointment and let them know you’ll be using the coupon from the Bridgeland newsletter. Apparently a couple guys from CalgaryPuck simply printed out the coupon and have used it successfully. Please don’t blame me if Broken Axle decides to not honor the coupon. I’m just passing along whatever deals I stumble across. I don’t see why they wouldn’t honor the coupon. This post along with the post on CP should send a lot of future business to them if they do a good job on the free oil change.

Let me know how it goes. I would have called them immediately and tried to take advantage of this deal if I didn’t get an oil change this morning (seriously!). Could have saved me $65 today.