ATCO Energy & ENMAX: Free $100 Electricity Bill Credit!


ATCO Energy is offering their customers free energy for the month of January! You’ll receive a credit for your entire month’s electricity and natural gas consumption this January – just for being a customer!

If you’re an ENMAX customer, call ENMAX at 310-2010 or 1-888-793-2988 and tell them you heard about the ATCO offer and ask them if they can match it. I called ENMAX and had to wait about an hour before a customer care rep answered my call. They gave me a $100 credit as soon as I mentioned the ATCO Energy offer. The rep was very friendly and said their phone has been ringing off the hook all day and they’ve been matching the offer for everyone. She also took a look at my plan and offer new plans with a much lower rate. I was very satisfied and thankful. An hour call saved me over $100.

I told my friends and family about it and know at least a dozen people who got credits (worked for everyone)! They’ll take a look at your last January’s bills and offer credits based on what you spend (savings ranged form $70-$120).

Times are tough in Alberta. A $100 goes a long way especially during this time of the year. Thanks ATCO Energy and ENMAX for offering/matching this generous offer.

This is a limited time offer so take advantage of it while you can.

Good luck! Let me know if it worked for you or not by sharing your experience in the comments.

24 thoughts on “ATCO Energy & ENMAX: Free $100 Electricity Bill Credit!

  1. Wait time and conversation time was less than half an hour 🙂 The deal is you are required to have BOTH gas and electricity through Direct Energy. The deal will be matched until December 31.

    1. What number did you call for Direct Energy? I called their main line and I was told they are not offering any credit to match Atco Energy or EnMax offering.

  2. Help!
    I have a question, I called enmax and they told me that I only get $84 back. They said they will change my rate from January whcih i was paying $7.79 to $6.59 (for signing up for 3 years). The difference is $84… is this what the promo is?

    1. No, you should have received an additional $100 credit in addition to the savings from switching to a lower rate.

    2. Hmm, it has been at 6.59 for awhile, i usually check the rate often and switch and lock it in, you are allowed to change you rate once a month. You could have gone online and change that rate yourself but i guess they notice you were paying a higher rate and made you believe you got a deal.

  3. So – on hold for 32 minutes only to be told that you have to a Fixed Contract Account with them in order to be considered for any credit. Our account is not set up that way…so we do not receive any credit.

  4. Same as Rebecca, my account wasn’t eligible unless I changed my account around to have their fixed contract which I think is called EasyMAX. I didn’t want to change my account stuff around and have to cancel with Direct Energy during the holidays so I wont be receiving a credit either.

    1. Not sure about Epcor. Give them a call and see. Doesn’t hurt to try. Good luck!

      I know ATCO Energy, ENMAX and Direct Energy are all offering the deal.

      1. Where do you call Direct Energy to get that deal? I called their main line and was told that they are not offering any rebate to match Atco or EnMax.

        1. I’m with Enmax. I’ve heard a few people got Direct Energy to max the offer. If it didn’t work the first time, you can maybe try calling back and talk to another customer care representative.

  5. Just got off phone with Enmax. I got $45.00 only even though i have gas and electricity with them. They said they base the discount off consumption. I guess anything is better than nothing.

  6. Called and waited 42 minutes only to be told they already gave me monthly $7.98 rewards, no other rewards on top of that.

  7. I called direct energy and they aren’t offering anything… They tried to get me to sign up on another plan and they’d give me a 75$ gift certificate.

  8. I called at exactly 8 this morning, my wait time was about 10 minutes. I got $100.00 and i also ask about the rate difference, they calculate the total difference for the year and give me an extra $40.00. 🙂

  9. Called Enmax, the rep took down my info and is sending it off to another team who will assess our consumption and then tell us what rebate we will get within the next couple of weeks. Because they are getting tons of calls.

  10. On the phone with them now. Waited 21 minutes to get through (called around 1030am). Rep is applying credit of $80 (based on the amount consumption in January 2016) now as I wait.

    1. I know somehow would go the offer from Enmax this past weekend. Call Enmax and give it a shot. Let us know how it goes.

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