Target Canada: Closing all 133 Stores in Canada

Target Canada Closing all 133 Stores in Canada

Target Canada has filed for creditor protection and will be closing all 133 stores across Canada 🙁

Target launched in Canada in March 2013 (less then 2 years ago) with lots of excitement, but quickly disappointed shoppers with higher then expected prices and often empty shelves because of distribution issues. The National retail chain lost almost $1 billion dollars in it’s first year in Canada and estimated they wouldn’t be able to turn a profit until 2021.

Unfortunately, 17,600 Target employees will lose their jobs.

I remember having to line-up to get into the store on the first day they launched in Canada. I strolled around the store with my family and was underwhelmed by the product selection and prices. We didn’t buy anything that day and never visited the store again. I had a feeling it was just matter of time before this would happen. They did a lot of things wrong, but perhaps their biggest downfall was because they couldn’t live up to all the hype they built up when they announce they were coming to Canada.

I would expect major clear-out sales in the near future. The liquidation process is expected to take around 4-5 months until they doors close their doors for good. All Target Canada stores will remain open during that process.

Click here to visit CBC’s website for more details.

Click here to visit Target Canada’s website.

2 thoughts on “Target Canada: Closing all 133 Stores in Canada

  1. I too was underwhelmed. I went in twice. On my second visit only about 2 months ago, I needed string. Thats it…not a complicated request. First, I could not find a department that had string, so I looked for help. I am a supporter of hiring minorities in Canada, but when all three people you find to help are all struggling with the English language, and do not even know what string is, you start to wonder what the heck is going on? One guy told me to check out the craft department, but he did not even know where they had their craft supplies in the store! He apologized and told me he was new, but seriously…what kind of training do they give their staff? It was the most frustrating 30 minutes I had experienced in a long time, and I vowed never to go back. I am not at all surprised by the news that target is leaving Canada.

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