Buytopia Product: $15 for a FLIP & Fold Jr. and Sr. Laundry Folder Combo Package OR $29 for 2 Sets (58% Off)

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Buytopia Calgary Hot Daily Deal of the Day: Buytopia Product: $15 for a FLIP & Fold Jr. and Sr. Laundry Folder Combo Package OR $29 for 2 Sets (58% Off)

Buy now for only $15
Value $35
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  • Folding clothes has never been so easy
  • Kids will love folding their laundry thanks to the FLIP & Fold
  • Folds garments to a crisp, flat, uniform size for easy storage
  • Unique, patented design that reduce static cling and the dreaded “pull back” effect
  • Increase your folding speed abilities

This is a limited 5-day only sale that will expire at midnight on Saturday, November 30, 2013.

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Buytopia Product

“This is a very clever device, and it does work pretty well. As far as I can tell it really only works with shirts and it works best with t-shirts and polo-type shirts, and they have to be medium to large. It flattens shirts very nicely, but you do have to get the shirt flat and oriented correctly beforehand for it to work well. It could save a lot of space in the dresser drawer. It would be especially useful for helping kids to fold neatly, since it really is very easy to use.”
– Nathan A.

“I’ve always thought that I do a pretty fine job of folding my t-shirts. They come out nice and uniform and without any wrinkles. But my folded shirts end up making a smaller rectangle and they’re an inch or two thick. With this Flip & Fold device, my shirts fold up perfectly with no wrinkles and a nice uniform size. But most importantly, the shirts are very thin. A stack of folded shirts takes much less space than they did when I folded them my old way.”
– David E.

“I have tons of t-shirts. My wife always gives me a hard time for buying more shirts, but they all have memories and they make me happy. I hang my shirts, because I’m lazy and don’t want to fold them (and I like the way the hung shirts stay pretty wrinkle free). When we travel though, I have to fold up a big stack of t-shirts for the trip and they end up taking quite a bit of space in my bag. With the Flip & Fold, my stack of shirts takes less than a third of the space they took before. I love this thing.”
– Caroline M.

“I always assumed I did a nice job of folding tops without the need of any device. My folds looked similar to the way shirts were folded and stacked in stores, so I figured I was doing it correctly. Boy was I wrong. Turns out I can fold clothing a lot better with this Flip & Fold than I can without it. Because the folder folds clothing using its own square folds, instead of the just where the sleeves of the shirt are, no matter what size the top is, they all fold into the same size and shape. With just a few flips of the boards, I can make a stack of shirts look like they just came off the shelf of a clothing store. It’s large in size, so this will fold even larger sizes of clothing. And it’s made with a heavy duty plastic, so it’s not flimsy. It works great and is well made. I very highly recommend it!”
– Angela S.

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