REMINDER: ING Direct – FREE $25 Bonus + 2.50% Interest when you Open an Account (Until Aug 31)

ING Direct FREE $25 Bonus + 250 Interest when you Open an Account (Until Aug 31)

Reminder Update: I originally posted about this deal on Friday. Here’s a reminder that the offer is still available. A lot of people have taken advantage of this offer so don’t miss out. Remember to enter the Orange Key # 33318324S1 when you open the account to get the bonus.

Would you like to save money and get $25 for free?

ING Direct is offering new clients a $25 bonus + 2.50 interest rate until August 31, 2013!

When you open any new free ING Direct Canada account and deposit $100 or more, you’ll instantly get a $25 bonus in your account! That’s an instant 25% return on your investment! It’s easy and only takes a couple minutes to open an account to start saving money. In order to get your $25 Bonus, you will need to enter my Orange Key # 33318324S1 when you open an account. As a reward for referring you, ING Direct will also deposit a bonus $25 in my account for sharing. This is a great offer and you don’t have anything to lose. You can always close your ING Direct account after you get the $25 bonus.

In addition to the $25 bonus, you will also get an interest rate of 2.50% when you open an Investment Savings Account. Click here for more details.

I’ve had an ING Direct bank account for over 10 years and highly recommend them. The best thing about ING Direct is it’s FREE because they don’t charge banking fees and they offer some of the highest interest rates in Canada. According to ING Direct’s website, they have over 1.7 million clients in Canada and have paid out over $5 billion in interest!

If you’re not familiar with ING Direct, here’s some information about them:

As you may have noticed, ING DIRECT isn’t like your regular bank. For one thing, we have no branches – and because you do everything with us by Internet, or phone, we’re able to pass those savings on to you. We have much higher interest on deposits, with no fees or service charges on them, plus lower interest on loans. But that’s just the start.

Our organization is made up of people who are united in our unpretentious, can-do mentality and our drive to deliver results for our clients. And whatever we do, we’re always connected to the bigger picture – helping you save your money. Our Clients have earned over $5 billion in interest with us.

Click here
to open an ING Direct account now or for more information. Remember to enter Orange Key# 33318324S1 to get your $25 Bonus.