LAST CHANCE: Readings By Crystal – $25 for a 30-Minute Psychic Reading Session (75% Off)

Last Chance Reminder: I originally posted about this deal last week. Here’s a reminder that today is your last chance to buy the deal as it expires tonight. At the time of this post, they have sold over 85+ vouchers so don’t miss out!

TeamBuy Calgary Hot Daily Deal of the Day: $25 for a 30-Minute Psychic Reading Session from Readings By Crystal ($100 Value)

PRICE: $25
VALUE: $100
SAVE: $75/75%

TeamBuy has a excellent deal to Readings By Crystal today. For only $25, you can get a 30-minute psychic reading session ($100 Value)! That’s a saving of 75% Off! You may buy up to 2 vouchers for yourself and unlimited as gifts & the vouchers don’t expire until March 24, 2013.

This is a limited 6-day only sale that will expire at midnight on Friday, May 11, 2012. Click here to buy now or for more information about the deal. Quantities are limited so don’t miss out!

A great way to find new answers to old questions.
Crystal has nearly 30 years of experience.
Unique approach that incorporates clairvoyance and psychic readings.
Get a new perspective on relationships, dreams, career questions, personal goals, or anything else you desire.

Includes a 30-minute psychic reading.
Also 20% Off your next reading. Email ticket Code to to book appointment.
Limit 1 per visit.
Max 2 per person. Unlimited as gifts. Tax included.
Universal Details
Expires: March 24, 2013

Readings By Crystal

Ranging from business and career advice to personal relationships and romance, Crystal has been using her unique gifts to help her clients become happier, more focused, and more driven, for nearly 30 years. In a profession that is often criticized by non-believers, her near three-decade record speaks for itself – loudly and clearly. Offering a unique mixture of clairvoyance and psychic readings, Crystal offers her clients a way to find answers to questions that often elude us: How can we be happier in our lives? How can we unlock our hidden potential? How can we better prepare for the future? You’ll find the answers to these questions and more with the help of today’s deal which grants you a 30-minute psychic reading session. Drawing on the ancient principles of yin and yang, as well as chi, Crystal incorporates everything to harmonize the energy between a person and their surrounding space, promoting a better mood, health, and creativity in the individual. By re-energizing her client’s bodies and re-focusing their minds with her insights, Crystal is able to help people in a way that is truly transformative.

Crystal also specializes in the teachings of Feng Shui. Ask her about how she can use this practice to help bring even more balance to your life.

Click here to buy now or for more information about the deal. Don’t miss out!