ING Direct: Get up to $125 Bonus when you Open an Account (Until Mar 31)

Would you like to save money and get up to $125 Bonus to start? If so, ING Direct has a two great promotions and when you combine them, can get you up to $125 Bonus ($25 + $100) when you open a free account!

ING Direct will give you a $25 Bonus when you open a new account, enter the Orange Key 16521687S1 and deposit a minimum $100 into the account! That’s an instant 25% return on your investment! I blogged about this two weeks ago and a lot of people took advantage of the offer. Click here to read my previous post for more information.

In addition to the $25 Bonus when you open an account, ING Direct will also give you an extra $100 Bonus when you switch your payroll to an ING Direct THRiVE Chequeing Account! I know it takes a little bit of work to do this, but it’s definitely worth it for $100. This promo is only available until March 31, 2012.

I’ve had an ING Direct bank account for over 10 years and highly recommend them. The great thing about them is everything is FREE because they don’t charge any fees and have some of the highest interest rates in Canada. ING Direct has over 1.7 million clients in Canada and have paid out over $5 billion in interest!

In order to get the $125 bonus ($25 + $100), you’ll need to enter the Orange Key 16521687S1 when you open the account.

Click here to open an ING Direct account now to get $25 bonus.

Click here for more information about the THRiVE Chequeing Account.

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