Calgary Stampede: FREE Calgary Stampede Breakfasts in the city

Yahoo! Stampede is right around the corner and guess what that means? Lots of FREE Stampede breakfasts! I was surfing around the net and discovered a very cool website called that tracks all the free Stampede breakfasts around the city. The website looks like it’s officially sponsored by the Calgary Stampede.

The website allows you to search for free Stampede breakfasts by date or by the nearest distance to you.

Staying on top of all the free breakfasts around town isn’t easy. Finding your way to each of them is another story. So if you’re a pancake junkie and need to get your fix, check out where you can search for flapjacks, download recipes or share your event with friends and neighbours. We even made a flapjackfinder app so can always find the free and flat closest to you.

I’ll keep my eyes open for more great Stampede deals.

Click here to visit FlapJackFinder for all a list of all the free Stampede Breakfasts in Calgary.

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