YYC Deals: How a family of 4 can get to Cancun for $185 roundtrip after tax (per person)

I just saw this incredible flight deal posted over at our friends Chris Myden’s site YYC Deals.

So AirCanadaVacations.com just dropped the price of their June 18 to 25 flight from Calgary to Cancun, Mexico down to $306 roundtrip after tax. Pretty great price right?

Well here’s where it gets really interesting. With this deal, children only pay the tax. This is highly unusual, as on most flights children usually pay full fare, same as an adult.

But try 2 adults, and 2 children over at AirCanadaVacations.com from June 18 to 25 from Calgary to Cancun, Mexico and this is what you’ll see:


$740 roundtrip after all taxes/fees for all 4 flights! That’s $185 per ticket.

A family of 5 can get it down even further, to $160ish. Octomom could get an even better deal.

Update: Looks like the age cutoff for paying the ‘tax only’ is 12 and under.

Click here to visit YYC Deals or for more information about this incredible deal.

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