Calgary Ozone: $79 for an Ozone Shock Treatment for Up To 500 Sq.Ft. Room or 2 Vehicles (Save $120 or 60% Off)

TeamBuy Calgary Deal: $79 for an Ozone Shock Treatment for Up To 500 Sq.Ft. Room or 2 Vehicles from Calgary Ozone ($200 Value)

PRICE: $79
VALUE: $200
SAVE: $121/60%

Man’s best friend is his dog, but dog’s best friend is anything that is upholstered and doesn’t require a marathon chase around the block. Let furry friends frolick, while still keeping your home fresh with today’s TeamBuy: $79 for an ozone shock treatment for up to 500 square foot room in your home or 2 vehicles for Calgary Ozone. You may buy up to 2 vouchers for personal use and 5 as gifts and the vouchers don’t expire for one year.

This is a limited 1-day only sale that will expire at midnight (Tuesday, June 28, 2011). Click here to buy now or for more information about the deal. Quantities are limited so don’t miss out!

100% odour elimination limited guarantee – they will come back and re-evaluate the area if after 1 treatment, the odour still lingers.
Ideal for removing household and industrial smells from cigarettes, cooking, pets, sports equipment.
Totally safe and great for automobile dealerships, realtors, landlord and property managers.
No left-over residue.
All-natural and eco-friendly.

Buy Details
Includes choice of up to 500 sq ft room in a home OR 2 Vehicles (either same vehicle at different times or 2 vehicles at the same time). Please make choice at checkout.
All rooms must be isolated from the rest of the house using a door. By appointment only. Appointments are subject to availability. 24 hour cancellation policy is in effect. If less than 24 hours notice is given, TeamBuy voucher is forfeited. Taxes and Gratuities are not included. Max 2 per person. Max 5 as gifts.
Expires: July 07, 2012

The Company
Calgary Ozone
(403) 880-1640

Calgary Ozone looks to please with its variety of services all aimed at annihilating aromas from your home, office or vehicle. The team of trained indoor air quality technicians will help you identify the source of the bad odour(s) to eliminate. Once that source is gone and the area is cleaned, the ozone shock treatment can begin. Touted as one of the strongest oxidizers known to exist, today’s deal uses natural ozone in low concentrations to make the air smell fresh. Totally safe, ozone is actually a by-product of naturally occurring oxygen, making an ozone treatment the smart way to clean up your home. And because of its oxidizing properties, ozone does not simply cover up unpleasant smells, it safely and quickly destroys smells at a molecular level. Use today’s deal to remove unwanted household, vehicle and business odours such as cigarette smoke, animal smells, mold and sports equipment smells. Ozone Treatments also benefit realtors and property managers – keeping homes smelling fresh!

Please note: you must evacuate the areas being treated by ozone until the process has completed. Once the ozone is no longer being generated, the ozone will quickly convert into safe, breathable oxygen, leaving no residue.

Click here to buy now or for more information about the deal. Don’t miss out!