YYC Deals: Flight from Calgary to Zurich, Switzerland at the end of August – $566 roundtrip after tax

I just saw this incredible flight deal posted over at our friends Chris Myden’s site YYC Deals.

This is such a ridiculous price to Europe. That, and I can’t believe it’s still hanging around.

It’s on Condor as well. Try Aug 26 to September 9 over at http://www.condor.com and this is what you’ll see:


To give an idea of how good this price is, the next cheapest non-Condor fare to *anywhere* in Europe in August/September are the Air Transat flights to London for $966 roundtrip after tax, and the cheapest on a major carrier are the Lufthansa flights for $1550.

Click here to visit YYC Deals or for more information about this incredible deal.

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