YYC Deals: Cheap last minute Flight from Calgary to Chicago – $341 roundtrip after tax

I just saw this incredible flight deal posted over at our friends Chris Myden’s site YYC Deals.

If you read my article ‘Should I buy my flight now or wait?‘ you may have noticed that I mentioned last minute flights on major carriers are *rarely* cheap. And that’s true.

But American Airlines has offered up another one of those rare flights. At $341 roundtrip after tax this isn’t just cheap for a last minute flight to Chicago (avg cost, about $900 roundtrip after tax) but cheap for a flight to Chicago *any* time (avg cost, about $700 roundtrip after tax)

Try Apr 23-26 over at ttp://www.AA.com

If you’ve got Easter Monday off, and are looking for a great deal, you might want to have a look.

Click here to visit YYC Deals or for more information about this incredible deal.

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