Blog News: Deerfoot Napa Autopro deal becomes Calgary’s 3rd All-Time Top Selling Deal

This past weekends DealFind “$39 for a Complete Interior and Exterior Detailing Package, Oil, Lube and Filter Change, Plus a 50 Point Inspection From Deerfoot Napa Autopro” deal has become Calgary’s 3rd All-Time Top Selling deal! Deerfoot Napa Autopro sold an incredible 5,118 vouchers in 72 hours from Friday, April 8 to Sunday, April 11, 2011. It was only 6 vouchers short of beating out Yamato Japanese Restaurant for the 2nd spot.

The “Teatro Restaurant – $35 for $80 Worth of Food and Drinks” deal still holds the honor of being Calgary’s Top Seller when they sold 6,025 vouchers.

Based off my records, here is Calgary’s All-Time Most Popular and Top Selling Deals:

1. [DealFind] Teatro Restaurant $35 for $80 Worth of Food – 6,025 vouchers sold
2. [DealFind] Yamato Japanese Restaurant $20 for $50 Worth of Food – 5,123 vouchers sold
3. [DealFind] Deerfoot Napa Autopro $39 for Auto Detailing & Oil Change – 5,118 vouchers sold
4. [DealFind] Sushi Motto $20 for $50 Worth of Food – 4,112 voucher sold
5. [LivingSocial] Bikram Yoga: $20 for 20 Yoga Classes – 3,957 vouchers sold
6. [DealFind] The Hot Yoga Lounge: $20 for 20 20 Yoga Classes – 3,690 vouchers sold.

Congratulations to everyone who got in on the Deerfoot Napa Autopro deal and a special thanks to everyone who clicked and purchased the deal from Calgary Deals Blog! I purchased 3 vouchers myself and can’t wait to use them. Since they sold so many vouchers, it’s probably a good idea to wait a couple weeks and let the crowd die down a bit before trying to use the vouchers. They’re going to be very busy for the next little while and there’s really no rush to use the vouchers since it’ll never expire.
Raymond Lau
Calgary Deals Blog