Blog News: Dealfind’s Yamato Japanese Restaurant deal becomes Calgary’s 2nd Top Selling Deal

Yesterday’s DealFind “$20 for $50 Worth of Sushi and Drinks at Yamato Japanese Restaurant” has become Calgary’s 2nd All-Time Top Selling deal! Yamato Japanese Restaurant sold an incredible 5,123 vouchers in 24 hours on Tuesday, March 22, 2011.

The “Teatro Restaurant – $35 for $80 Worth of Food and Drinks” deal still holds the honor of being the top seller as they sold 6,025 vouchers just a week earlier.

Sushi Motto’s $20 for $50 Worth of Food and Drinks has now dropped to 3rd place on Calgary’s All-Time Top Selling list when they sold 4,112 vouchers.

Based off my records, here is Calgary’s All-Time Most Popular and Top Selling Deals:

1. [DealFind] Teatro Restaurant $35 for $80 Worth of Food – 6,025 vouchers sold
2. [DealFind] Yamato Japanese Restaurant $20 for $50 Worth of Food – 5,123 vouchers sold
3. [DealFind] Sushi Motto $20 for $50 Worth of Food – 4,112 voucher sold
4. [LivingSocial] Bikram Yoga: $20 for 20 Yoga Classes – 3,957 vouchers sold
5. [DealFind] The Hot Yoga Lounge: $20 for 20 20 Yoga Classes – 3,690 vouchers sold.

Congratulations to everyone who got in on the Yamato Japanese Restaurant deal and a special thanks to everyone who clicked and purchased the deal from here! I purchased 5 vouchers myself and can’t wait to use them. Since they sold so many vouchers, it’s probably a good idea to wait a couple weeks and let the crowd die down a bit before trying to use the vouchers. They’re going to be very busy for the next little while and there’s really no rush to use the vouchers since you have a full year to use the voucher. For those of you who missed out on the deal, luckily for you, I bought an extra voucher and will give it away in a draw to a random reader in the near future so stay tuned!
Raymond Lau
Calgary Deals Blog