QuickStickz: $179 for the QuickStickz Hockey Stick Handling Training System with 1-Year VIP Membership (Save 55% Off)

TeamBuy Calgary Deal: $179 for the QuickStickz Hockey Stick Handling Training System with 1-Year VIP Membership ($399 Value)

Price $179
Value $399
Discount 55% off
Savings $220

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In Canada, playing any kind of winter sport is pretty much a religion, since we typically only count 2 seasons – summer and hockey. Hone your skills in an interactive way with today’s TeamBuy and make all your friend’s jealous with how good you can become. For only $179 you get the new fully interactive QuickStickz Stick Handling Training System, which includes a 1-year VIP membership to the website and access to training drills and online help.

With how cold winter can get, having the ability to master the game of hockey indoors in the comfort of your own home is priceless. With the QuickStickz training system it has never been easier to learn to play like a pro by developing basic stick handling skills. The system comes with a special stick handling ball and USB camera which you connect to your computer, and that’s it, you are ready to go. You use your own stick to handle the ball on the ground in front of the camera, and as you shift, those movements are mirrored on screen, allowing you to control the game. The system works your peripheral vision, since you must keep your head up while you watch the computer screen, and go off of simply feeling the ball on your stick while manoeuvring the on-screen puck through a number of challenging drills.

Once you have mastered the soft touch basic drill, you can then move on to a number of other challenging ones – 15 drills to choose from in all. While developing the soft touch drill, emphasis is placed on soft hands and quick touches with very little arm movement. You are awarded a point every time the ball is moved across the green line between the two red lines. As you move on to more challenging drills, you can develop these skills and perfect your game more. There are even interactive video games to help you improve, which is included with your 1-year VIP membership.

Today’s TeamBuy is great for people of all ages, boys and girls. For worried hockey parents, QuickStickz teaches children puck control, speed and accuracy, awareness of the game around them, ability to avoid hits, improved passing and shooting and confidence. The ability to handle the puck during game situations is what will really set your child apart from other children, so picking up today’s Buy should be a no-brainer. It also makes a great gift for any occasion!

Click here to buy now or for more information about the deal. Don’t miss out!