HOT DEAL: Unlock your Blackberry Phone for only $0.01

For a limited time only, you can go to Mobile In Canada and unlock any Blackberry Phone for only a penny! They had this deal a while back, but I missed out on it. Unlocking your Blackberry will give you the freedom and allow you to switch Sim cards and use the phone on with any phone carrier. This is a nice feature and useful if you ever travel outside of Canada. Plus, if you ever sell your phone in the secondary market, a unlocked phone will always sell for more money.

I bought my wife a Blackberry Torch for Christmas and just unlocked her phone. It took about 5 minutes to get the code and it worked like a charm.

You will only get the discount if you click the link below and follow the instructions below. Mobile in Canada normally charges $20 to unlock a phone. This offer works with all the major wireless phone carriers in Canada: Rogers, Fido, Telus, Bell, Virgin Mobile, Wind Mobile, etc…

1 order by Facebook or Twitter account or we will refund you immediately
No refund if you have already order without this promotion, NO EXCEPTION…
This promotions is ONLY for Blackberry device, do not order for another cellphone we will refund you immediately
Subscribe to our Facebook Page to be avaliable to this promotion!
Write on our Facebook wall to accelerate verifications
If your device is NOT a Blackberry, please us this link

Click here to visit Mobile in Canada’s website for more information on how to unlock your BlackBerry Phone.

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