Graham Auction in Calgary: Skaters Snowboard store seizure AUCTION (Dec 11)

I saw this deal posted on RedFlagDeals.

I don’t know much about this deal other then what I read on the RedFlagdeals thread. I have never been to a Graham Auction in Calgary or know anything about it. It sounds like it’s with checking out if you ski or snowboard. You can apparently pick up some very good deals at the auction if you know what you’re getting.

Alberta snowfans . . . they’re finally having part two of the Civil Enforcement seizure auction of the Skater’s snowboard and skate shops. Boards, boots, bindings, and tons more at Graham Auction in Calgary on Dec. 11

If the sale of the inventory from the first Skaters store back in September is any indication, there will be some amazing buys . . . but there will also be a lot of idiots bidding way too high on some items, so definitely go out and inspect the merchandise on Friday, then do your homework to avoid getting burned or caught-up in any bidding frenzy.

Click here to read the RedFlagDeals thread for more information about this auction.

Click here to browse some of the items that are available on the Graham Auctions website.

If you check it out, post in the comments afterwards and let us know how it was.

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