Calgary Deals Blog was on Global Calgary News!

Tony Tighe and Global Calgary News just aired a news clip about how popular collective buying sites are in Calgary. They mentioned DealFind, Groupon, LivingSocial and Calgary Deals Blog! They interviewed Elka Spencer (one of our email subscribers) and showed her reading a daily email of the deals and her surfing on Calgary Deals Blog! New’s anchor Linda Olsen then gives the Calgary Deals Blog a shout-out at the end and tells their viewers to go to the Global Calgary News website to get the links to our blog. There’s two links on the Global News website linking to the Calgary Deals Blog. The links can be found here and here.

The news clip was very well done. It was informative and well researched. It was great to see them talking about how amazing the sales are on these daily deals sites and how it has changed the way people shop for deals. The Calgary Deals Blog makes it very easy for you to buy and take advantage of all the great deals by finding and featuring the best collective buying sites and shopping sales in Calgary. The blog’s traffic has spiked liked crazy ever since it was on TV and we’ve had a ton of new email subscribers (Welcome to Calgary Deals Blog everyone!)

It was a very nice surprise to watch the news today and see them talking about the blog. I wasn’t expecting it. As soon as it aired on TV, I quickly jumped on the computer and re-watched it about 10 more times before I emailed the video to all my friends and family 🙂

In case you missed it, here’s the video clip:

Click here to watch the news clip directly on Global Calgary News website (larger and higher quality).

Thanks for the support Global Calgary News! You rock!