HOT DEAL: Get Free Large Fries from McDonald’s by “paying” with Monopoly money! (Oct 6 -7)

Thanks again Faye, Marketing Supervisor at McDonald’s for filling out the Suggest A Deal form and telling us about the deal!

To help promote McDonald’s Monopoly, you can use Monopoly play-money to get a Free order of Large Fries at all McDonald’s locations in Alberta and British Columbia on October 6-7, 2010! Just give the cashier 1 monopoly bill (any denomination), and you’ll get an order of Large Fries for FREE! There’s no catch, it really is that easy to get this freebie! There’s just a limit of one order of large fries per customer, per visit.

This is an incredible deal! You’re pretty much giving them a worthless piece of paper for an order of large McDonald’s Fries that’s worth around $3! This is one of the best and most creative promotions that I have seen yet! Good job McDonald’s!


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