Election Day has arrived Calgary. Make your vote count today!

Election Day has arrived. Over the course of the past few months, votecalgary has been providing timely information on election news and issues, and shining the spotlight on both mayoral and aldermanic candidates by asking them to respond to our survey and conducting video interviews with them. The ultimate goal was to engage our members so that you will cast an informed vote TODAY.

If you are still undecided, there is still time – visit our ‘Meet the Candidates’ section where you can find detailed information on the candidates.

Decisions made at City Hall impact our industry and our livelihoods. Our industry believes that to build a city that is vibrant, sustainable and affordable, we will need a mayor and council who believe in the development of policies that encourage positive and strategic growth by attracting new business and people to our city, who protect consumer choice and affordability that help Calgary grow – up, out and in, and who enable and accommodate stable economic growth in our city.

Democracy doesn’t happen by chance – it is a purposeful, individual act.  Each of us must take personal responsibility to cast an informed vote; you can help build a better Calgary by making sure that you and those in your network vote.

Remember, this is a critical election. This is the moment – make a difference by voting today. Here are the locations on where you can vote. Poll stations are opened from 10 AM to 8 PM. Bring your ID and make your vote count.

Visit http://www.votecalgary.ca/ for more information about the candidates and where you can vote.