Boss Lady’s Ink: $50 for a $130 1 Hour Private Session (Save 62% Off)

TeamBuy Deal: $50 for a $130 1 Hour Private Session With Boss Lady’s Ink

Price $50
Value $130
Discount 62% off
Savings $80

I don’t have a tattoo or plan on getting one so I have no idea what the going rate is. Plus, I’m not sure, but I don’t think a tattoo is something you want to cheap out on. If you plan on getting one at Boss Lady’s Ink, this might be something worth looking into. None the less, this is a pretty unique daily deal and I’m curious to see how many people will take advantage of this deal.

This is a limited 2-day only sale that will expire at midnight on Thursday, October 7, 2010. Click here to buy yours now before you forget and miss out on the deal.

Buy Details
Includes 1 hour of ink in a private tattoo studio.
Limit of 1 per person. Please call ahead to book appointment.
Expires: April 08, 2011

The Company
Bossy Lady’s Ink
1830 52 street, suite 203, Calgary, AB

With their Grand Opening October 6, Boss Lady’s Ink is revolutionizing the tattoo industry in Calgary with its beautiful and unique designs. Not for the biker or sailor anymore, tattoos have come a long way since being looked at as taboo with awful stares and backward glances. A private studio, the 3 artists have almost 30 years experience between them, and considering you are going to be marking yourself forever, you need to be sure the people who are doing the marking know what they are doing. You don’t want to end up with a whale on you when you really meant to put a turtle.

Specializing in black & white portraits and native artwork, Boss Lady’s Ink puts your personal attention, privacy, respect and hygiene at the top of its priority list. Getting a tattoo really is an experience and the artists make sure you have the best possible time. The choices are endless and anything can be customized to beautify your body in whatever way you like. And since it is fall after all and the leaves are changing, so might other things, so whether it is your new job, your new girlfriend or your new break-up, what better way to celebrate your moment in life.

And like Charlie’s Angels, you may never actually see the Boss Lady but know she is always ‘around’. Her three ‘angel’ men are sent to the studio to save you from yourself and bad choices ‘cause Remember, This Ain’t No Lick N’ Stick!

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