All Inclusive: Catalonia Yucatan (Mayan Riviera) 7 nights for $627/person after tax

Thanks Chris from YYC Deals for posting this hot deal:

Hopefully by now you can see that I only post all inclusive deals when they truly are amazing.

I like the resort to be of high quality, with great reviews on TripAdvisor, and the price to be at least a good 30% below average price, preferably more.

Anyways, the Catalonia Yucatan just dropped to a price that fits the bill…

The Catalonia Yucatana resort just dropped the price of their September 24 package down to $627/person after tax.

You can see from it’s reviews on TripAdvisor this is a really nice resort, well deserving of it’s 4* status.

TripAdvisors Review

Where it can be booked:

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Like Chris said, this deal is very Hot! The resort has an incredible 90% TripAdvisor Rating.

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