Update: FREE Apple iPhone 4 Full Shield (Only pay $2.85 for shipping)

In case you missed my previous post about this deal from about 2 weeks ago, you can click here. The deal is still good so orders yours now if you didn’t get it the first time (or order an extra one). You can get a Free Apple Iphone 4 Shield (Front and Back) from StealthGuard. You just have to pay $2.85US for shipping.

Here’s my update from the last post:

UPDATE: Just wanted to give a quick update and let you guys know I got my free iPhone 4 shields today. It took about 10 days to get here and i came in a regular white envelope. It looked a little flimsy when I first picked it up and was a little disappointed when it didn’t come with any instructions or anything (just a receipt and front/back shields in the envelope). The invisible shield probably isn’t as thick or good as some of the other stuff on the market, but I’m not complaining too much considering it was free and other places like Zagg are charging $25 for something similar.

Found some excellent installation instructions here and highly recommend installing it with the solution. Immediately after I installed it, there was a couple tiny air bubbles trapped underneath, but 24 hours later, it looks amazing. Not a single air bubble or any dust trapped inside. I’m pretty happy with it. It would have been nice if they poked out the pre-cut holes (ear piece, button and back camera) for you in advance. I had a little trouble trying to poke out the pre-cut ear piece, other then that it fits the iPhone 4 almost perfectly.

So, if you’re looking for something cheap that will help prevent the front or back of your iPhone 4 from scratches, this is something you should look into. It cost me a total of $3CDN (Free plus $2.85US for shipping). If you’re hardcore and want the best of the best, take a look into Zagg’s Invisible Full Shields. They charge around $25 plus shipping, but it also includes the tiny shields for the side of the iPhone as well.

In case you missed my first post or want more information about this deal, please check out my first Free iPhone 4 Invisible Shield post.