HOT DEAL: $69 for Teeth Whitening at World White Smiles (Save 65%)

DealFind: $69 for Teeth Whitening at World White Smiles

Buy now for only: $69
Regular Price: $199
You Save: $130 (65%)

Here’s another incredible deal from DealFind. If you ever thought about or wanted to get your teeth whitened, here’s your chance to do it at 65% Off! You won’t be able to find it anywhere else even close to this cheap.

My wife and I did it a couple years ago and it was amazing too see our teeth go 5+ shades brighter with such a simple hour long procedure. I think we paid around $300-$350 each at the time and recommended it to all our friends. Now that you can buy it today for $69, this is a no brainer. This is a 1-day special so make sure you get in on the deal, before it expires! You can click here to buy.

Why You Should Go:
•Great for Men and Women
•Quick, Painless and Effective Procedure
•Amazing Price
•Dentist Quality Results
•Safe and Certified by the FDA
•Treatment Performed by Trained Professional
•Teeth Can Be 4-6 Shades Brighter After One Treatment
•Clean and Friendly Environment
•Limit 5 Per Person & Unlimited As Gifts

What You Should Know: No expiration date.
Buy up to 5 for personal use and unlimited as gifts. Limit 1 per session. By appointment only. For new customers only. Tax and gratuities not included. Not to be combined with other offers. No cash back or credit. Not valid before Thursday, August 19, 2010.

About The Deal
5920 Macleod Trail Southwest
Calgary, Alberta

How many times has Mr. or Mrs. Right miraculously floated into your life on a cloud of aesthetic charm and grace, only for them to flash their smile and literally shatter your retinas with the, uh, less than stellar condition of their teeth? Not many? Well, beware, Dealfinders, because it could be you! Smokers, coffee drinkers, and people who just have that distinct off-white colour to their chompers. This deal is for you: $69 for Teeth Whitening at World White Smiles! (Regular $199)

No one is born with perfectly white teeth. In fact, no one is born with teeth at all, but from the day that those ‘oral bones’ start growing we imagine you’d want to keep them as white as can be. So, enter World White Smiles! Fast, effective, and pain free treatment with FDA approved products to ensure that your smile gets as white as the clouds. But how you ask? A certified whitening specialist will apply a topical gel to each individual tooth (this procedure is tray-free). Then, they will use a cool LED light to activate the gel. The procedure is performed twice, and takes about 40 minutes total. You’ll see stunning results within 24 hours. Zipity Bop Bam Boom! Glimmering teeth in record time. We know, we know: You Heart Dealfind.

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