HOT Deal: 61% Off Anna’s Spa & Wellness

DealFind Deal of the Day: $59 for Spa Package Including a 25 Minute Manicure, 35 Minute Pedicure, and 60 Minute Facelift Massage at Anna’s Spa & Wellness ($153 Value).

Buy Now only $59
Regular Price: $153
You Save: $94 (61%)

Here’s another incredible deal from DealFind. I’m always waiting and looking forward to DealFind’s next deals. I think they offer the best deals and I have pretty much bought into all of their previous deals. This is a limited 2 day sale so act quickly before the deal expires. I already bought a couple for myself and I’m thinking about buying more to stock up for the future (no expiration date). I love getting pampered. Especially at 61% off!

Why You Should Go:
•Experienced and Friendly Staff
•Comfortable and Clean Facilities
•Massage Improves Blood Circulation and Increases Oxygen Supply to the face
•Refines pores and Helps Normalize Oil Production which Makes Skin Softer and Smoother Making it Looking Younger
•Reduces Puffiness and Under-Eye Discoloration While Improving Skin Tone

What You Should Know: No expiration date.
– May buy up to 3 per person. Unlimited purchase for gifts.
– Limit 1 voucher per visit or 2 per couple.
– Tax and Gratuities Not Included.
– Not to be combine with any other offers.
– Not valid before, Thursday, August 5, 2010.

Feature Business
Anna’s Spa & Wellness
107 1 Street Northwest
Airdrie, Alberta T4B 0R3

Question: If you could receive a harmless, natural, inexpensive, and non-surgical facelift, would you do it? If the answer is yes than you are going to love us, although really by now you already should. There are so many ways to get the body treated, and many places to do it, but for all you Calgarians who are just waiting for a new experience to do just that, we are proud to introduce to you today’s deal at Anna’s Spa & Wellness. $59 for Spa Package Including a 25 Minute Manicure, 35 Minute Pedicure, and 60 Minute Facelift Massage at Anna’s Spa & Wellness ($153 Value)

You may have had a manicure before, granted. You may have had a pedicure before, ok. But, can you honestly say that you’ve had a Facelift Massage before? If the answer is no than please keep reading, if the answer is yes, than you should stop reading now and just skip to the part where you buy the deal. The Facelift Massage is a natural facelift through massage that is designed to be a soothing, gentle, and non-invasive approach to getting greater looking skin and an altogether more youthful exuberance. The massage frees up constrictions in the connective tissue and facial muscles by the trained hands of a skilled therapist and miraculously brings back the shine in your skin. That’s right, no nip tucks needed here.

And let’s not overshadow the immaculate care that the people at Anna’s Spa & Wellness will put into all their services, too: your hands and feet are just as important to your body and wellness as your skin, so take ultimate pleasure in the manicure and pedicure included in this deal. You’ve got nothing to lose… except maybe 2 to 3 years off your smile 😉

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